If you are wondering how to get white teeth, you are not alone.

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Here are 3 simple steps that can help you get your perfect white teeth.

Step 1: Understand the cause and avoid it

There are various reasons for stained teeth. However they could fall under one or the following category. Finding the reason and stopping the root cause of the problem is the best way to get started.

  • Tobacco usage – Smoking or other forms of tobacco intake.
  • Food habits – Having abnormal amount of coffee, wines, cool drinks etc.,
  • High Fluorides – Excessive intake of fluorides either in the form of drinking water or food.
  • Alcohol intake – Excessive intake of alcohol.
  • Genetics – For some people, genetics can also be one of the reasons for stained teeth.

As a person aspiring to know how to get white teeth, you must analyze your behavior and try to stop the root cause. Except for genetic reasons all other causes can be reasonably eradicated.

Step 2: Proper dental hygiene

Adapting to proper dental hygiene can reduce the nature of yellow teeth to greater extent over a period of time. One must be aware of how to brush teeth and to clean tongue properly every day. In addition, these best practices can lead to a better and healthy life style.

Step 3: Teeth whitening methods

First two steps take significant amount of time to get results. Typically they take over 3 to 6 months to achieve remarkable change. However in certain cases if you are not able to wait for a longer period or the level of impact is high, you may want to consider teeth whitening methods after consulting a dentist.

Go Natural:

How to get white teeth through natural methods? Yes, it is indeed possible. Here are some methods:

  • Good intake of milk
  • Usage of orange pulp
  • Usage of strawberry pulp and many more

It is clear that all these natural methods would take significant time and needs patience. However if you feel it is not possible it is better to go with artificial methods to get white teeth.

Artificial methods: