We are sure that you are looking for information on dental gum and not a regular bubble gum.

Bubble gum is a type of chewing gum with sugar content and falls under the category of chocolates. However dental gum or dental chewing gum are sugar free and are chewed with a purpose of adding value to your teeth.

Are you looking for answers to any of the following questions?

  • What are the advantages of using dental chewing gum?
  • Are there any side effects?
  • What is the best brand?
  • How about the prices?
  • How can I best use dental gum for the benefit of my teeth?

Then, read on…

But, stop. Before going into the details, please understand that dental chewing gums will not:

  • Whiten your teeth
  • Help you in case of tooth decay
  • Replace your brushing process

As conveyed earlier one has to be careful enough to ensure that dental chewing gums are non-sugar. Any chewing gum with sugar content will deceive the purpose.

So, how exactly dental chewing gums help you? Chewing gum stimulates the salivary glands in the mouth and generates extra saliva. As you might know our mouth is full of germs like bacteria that are responsible for various gum and teeth problems. Saliva is a nullifier that acts against bacteria and cleans them up.

Chewing gums also removes any small particles of food that are locked around the tooth. Hence it is advised to take gums once you are done with your food. These gums also help remove dental plaque which is a colorless biofilm that develops on the tooth.

Are dental chewing gums tasteless?

We have mentioned to have non-sugar chewing gums. This doesn’t mean that dental chewing gums are tasteless. They do not contain (chemically speaking) sugar content. However they are sweetened with chemicals like xylitol and sorbito.

Composition of dental chewing gum:

Typically they are made out of chicle (A natural gum from trees), latex and synthetic rubber mixed with xylitol and sorbito.

Best Dental Chewing Gum:

While we do not want to comment on brands, here is a small analysis on the reviews of gums available at Amazon.

Brands Total customer review analyzed 5 star 4 star 3 star 2 star 1 star
Xlear 137 87 18 6 13 13
Extra (Wrigley) 46 32 4 3 4 3
Nicorette 37 19 7 3 2 6
Peelu 8 6 0 0 2 0
Orbit 2 1 1 0 0 0

*Disclaimer: We do not endorse or recommend any brand with the above numbers. They are collated from customer reviews available at Amazon and many others. It is up to the user to do their research before adapting to a brand.

Dental Chewing Gums – Bottom line suggestions:

  1. Never use chewing gums with sugar content.
  2. Usage of chewing gums is best if they are used after food intake.
  3. Have a handy packet of gums in your wallet for emergency usage.
  4. Do not over take gums and become an addict. Taking too many in numbers or chewing for more time can cause jaw pain.

We hope that you have got a hang of what dental chewing gum is all about. What is your favorite brand? Have we missed any information? Let us know and we will update this post.

Dental Chewing Gum

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