Two things that differentiate human from animals are humor & brushing teeth! We might not have given much thought for brushing our teeth regularly and properly, at least we don’t prefer to do it consciously. Do we really care about the way we brush? Are we well educated on how to brush our teeth properly? It sounds simple and silly but it is a crucial point to be dealt with.

Here are a few basic tips that are going to deal with how to brush your teeth properly.


Get ready with the supplies

The essential materials for brushing are tooth paste, tooth brush and mouthwash. Keep all these things ready in your bathroom.

Wet the toothbrush

The gums should be protected from the hard bristles of the toothbrush. In order to avoid any accidents that might tear smooth flesh of gums it is advised to wet the toothbrush.

Squeeze a little toothpaste

After moisturizing the brush apply a thin strip of tooth paste. It is highly recommended to use fluoride rich paste which strengthens the gums and tooth.

Go, start brushing

Follow this small tips and learn how to brush teeth.

  • Brush 2 – 3 teeth at a time using smaller circular strokes or short back and forth strokes.
  • Always use a soft bristle brush with rounded ends.
  • Place the toothbrush against your gum line where the teeth and brush meets.
  • The brush should be at a 45 degree angle to your gum line.

Brushing your Molars

  • Clean the chewing surface of your teeth by moving the brush back and forth

Brushing your front teeth

  • Brush the inside of your upper and lower front teeth with short vertical strokes
  • Make several up and down strokes over your teeth and gums


  • Floss below your gum line where plague tends to accumulate
  • Move the floss between your teeth
  • Rub the floss up and down the side of each tooth

Cleaning the tongue

Many people concentrate only on brushing tooth, they don’t bother to clean their tongue. It is essential to clean the tongue to get rid of bad breath causing bacteria. Care should be taken while cleaning the tongue to avoid injuries or tearing of taste buds which are the sensitive and delegate.

Wash & Spit

Wash your mouth thoroughly to make sure all the remaining tooth paste is removed. Don’t forget to spit only in sink!

Use mouthwash

Using mouthwash is advisable soon after brushing for a refreshing feeling and to protect against gum diseases.

Ask a dentist: For more tips, ask a professional like this teeth whitening Hamilton dentist, or your own personal hygiene specialist. They’ll give you the best advice on giving your pearly whites a healthy shine!

How To Brush Your Teeth

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