Teeth Whitening Methods

Teeth whitening products are increasing each day promising to bring great results in whitening your teeth within a shorter time span. If you are in search of best teeth whitening methods, here are few tips which can make wonders to your teeth if you follow them strictly. Some free teeth whitening methods are even better than the paid ones.

1) In-office bleaching / laser teeth whitening method


Laser teeth whitening is performed by a dentist using hydrogen peroxide bleaching gel and laser light. It takes just few hours of your time but the procedure is costly. In office bleaching is an effective teeth whitening method that produce excellent results in no time.

2) Teeth whitening strips method


Teeth whitening strip contains gel which has formulations that can act on the stains and remove them. You could choose good brands of whitening strips like Crest 3D whitening strips or Listerine whitening strips to get shiny bright whiter teeth. Teeth whitening strips are not very costly and provide excellent results on regular usage.

3) Teeth whitening gels


Teeth whitening method by gels contains hydrogen peroxide, while applying these gels on teeth it takes out the strains on the tooth enamel and makes teeth whiter.

4) Teeth whitening toothpastes


Toothpastes that are rich in fluorides are effective in giving excellent teeth whitening results. Brush at least twice a day with fluoride enriched toothpaste to get rid of stains and other gum related diseases. Though it is cheap comparing to any other teeth whitening methods, faster results cannot be expected.

5) Chewing gum / mouth wash



Teeth whitening chewing gum and mouth washes of different brands are available in market. These are cheap methods to keep your teeth odor free and shiny white.

6) Home teeth bleaching kits

Teeth bleaching at dental clinics are costly, many home teeth bleaching kits are available that promise to make and keep your teeth whiter. Hydrogen peroxide-baking soda mix is an excellent home based teeth whitening method that has bleaching kit and gives excellent results.

7) Strawberry/orange pulp


Strawberry and orange pulp seems to be widely used teeth whitening method preferred by people who like to live life the natural way. This method is effective but takes longer duration to produce good results.

8. Other teeth whitening products

Sodium chloride, calcium carbonate, silica, fluorides and chlorides are some of the other teeth whitening products of chemical nature. Chemical teeth whitening methods are cost effective and yields result faster. You can opt for any method of teeth whitening depends on your need, time and budget. Ensure that you use the correct teeth whitening method and teeth whitening product to make most out them to get best results that leaves you with a perfect smile

Teeth Whitening Methods

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