It is not mandatory to undergo treatments with dentist in order to get and maintain brighter white teeth that preserves your beautiful smile. Corrosive chemical products and bleaches are used to get rid of stains, right now these chemicals are not advised to use because they cause harmful effects on the delicate gum tissues and discolor tooth enamel. Here discussed are top useful teeth whitening tips that can restore your dazzling white teeth. These tips are effective which can be done even at home.



Frequent visit to dentist


A regular dental check up is mandatory. This can be one of the best teeth whitening tip. It is advised to have scheduled appointments with dentist to have a general dental check up quarterly, biyearly or yearly. This helps us to avoid any illness of tooth that is invisible to human eyes, i.e. some deep down infections might cause sever damage to canals and roots of the tooth, these can be easily found out by dentist if we do a regular dental check up.

Brush regularly

Regular brushing and floss is mandatory to avoid staining of tooth and tooth discoloration. If you need more details on brushing please read our how to brush teeth post. Brushing should be done at least twice a day in order to get rid of gum related diseases. Proper brushing ensures refreshing smell of mouth and avoids building up of plague.

Healthy lifestyle

Higher intake of caffeine, tea and colored drinks are the most important killers of perfect white teeth. Avoiding the intake of these drinks helps us to protect our teeth from stains.


Smoking and alcohol leads to ulcer, cancer of mouth, gum diseases, tooth discoloration and other numerous problems. It is better to avoid smoking and alcohol to preserve our health and precious teeth.

Above teeth whitening tips are very easy to do and the results are very impressive.

Avoid high levels of fluorides


This is one of the teeth whitening tips that can help you prevent enamel damage. Most toothpaste contains fluorides. Fluoride said to be a teeth whitening product but as its amount exceeds than the advised quantity it causes discoloration of teeth. Fluoride is also used as an anti bacterial agent, it is better to avoid high fluorinated water to safeguard from tooth discoloration problems.

Go the natural way

Strawberries and oranges contain teeth whitening products that act on tooth enamel to leave stain free flawless beautiful whiter teeth. Drinking loads of water and Adding more fruits and vegetables in our diet ensures our teeth are pearly white.

Hydrogen peroxide-baking soda mix
Hydrogen peroxide baking soda mixture is the teeth whitening tips that falls under home based teeth whitening methods. The mixture in paste consistency applied on teeth takes out the stains and leaves teeth whiter and brighter.

Here is a guide to prepare Hydrogen peroxide-baking soda mix.

  • Hydrogen peroxide in concentrated form is harmful since it is a strong oxidizing agent. 3% hydrogen peroxide is safer to be used as a mouth wash since it is in diluted form.
  • Mix Hydrogen peroxide and Baking soda in the ratio of 1:3.
  • Add 10 drops of Glycerin and pepper mint extract.
  • Mix this thoroughly till it becomes in the consistency of tooth paste.
  • Start brushing with this mixture, Rinse thoroughly after 5 – 10 minutes.

Always go for natural way of teeth whitening since it takes care of your teeth from corrosive chemicals that can ruin the beauty of your teeth. Use these teeth whitening tips and say confident ‘Hi’ with a beautiful broader smile!

Teeth Whitening Tips

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